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Bodrum Area Guide


There are different ideas as to the origin of this village's name, which means "place of silver".  One theory is that it comes from silver mine here; another says it describes the colour the sea takes on at sunset.  The bay is divided in half by a small island very near the shore called Tavşan (Rabbit) Island.  Many visitors walk over to the island across the remains of the ancient city of Myndos.  The village centre is quite a distance from the beach.  The restaurants and small pensions on the shore are especially busy at weekends.  As a SIT area (protected zone), the village has escaped intensive development, and is popular with artists who have moved here from the big cities.  Some cultural events are held in the small Byzantine church here.  Gümüşlük is the site of ancient Myndos.

 Gümüşlük Gümüşlük Gümüşlük


Gündogan's old name is Farilya which means "sunrise".  There is a lot of development on the coast, especially holiday home complexes.  The pine forests above the village have trails suitable for hiking.  On the nearby Little Rabbit or Apostol Island, there is a Byzantine church, a water cistern and the remains of a monastery.

Gündoğan Gündoğan Gündoğan


We are now about fifteen minutes from Bodrum.  This was once only a small fishing village, and was the last stop on the way to Bodrum, and the first stop when leaving.  
It is now an important holiday resort with smart hotels.  Opposite is Salih Adası, the biggest island in the bay and location of several fish farms.

Güvercinlik Güvercinlik Güvercinlik


The restfulness of healing waters.
This is the largest island close to Bodrum, and you can go there on a day boat trip leaving from Bodrum harbour. Its name was Arkanessos in ancient times and it is famous for its healing spring waters.