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Racing with the wind

Ortakent has one of the most popular beaches on the peninsula, wonderful for swimming. It is about twenty minutes from Bodrum and has plenty of restaurants on the beach and choices of accommodation to suit every pocket. In Kargı Bay, known as Camel Beach, you will see camels waiting to give rides.

 Ortakent Ortakent Ortakent


“Altes is the king of warrior Lelegs
He holds the mighty Pedasos at the shores of Satnioeis”

                Iliada, Homeros

Lelegs are one of the oldest civilizations of Agean region. Today the most erect ancient structures of Lelegs can be found in Konacık, the Pedesa ruins in where they call the Gökçeler vicinity.

You may follow the road to Pedesa with signs in Bodrum-Turgutreis highway. You can resume with car until the Çırkan village. Then you have a walking distance of 1 hour until the Gökçeler Castle. This road is full of nature and trees of the peninsula and it will lead you to the climax. We advise you to walk with a guşde though.

Lelegs preferred high locations, away from the sea. So they can both watch the coast and be protected from any unnoticed attacks with their high locations. In this civilization, you may find the typical msonry of Lelegs, the circular walls. The most interesting aspect of Lelegs’ constructions techniques is that they did not use a material like cement or plaster to merge the rocks when building. According to Heredot, the temple in Pedesa was famous because of a minister who can foresee the future. Lelegs were of the first owners of the location who degenerated in other cultures until today.

The difficult trip to Pedesa will not only give you the opportunity to discover the history, but also will lay the entire nature of the peninsula before your eyes.  

 Pedesa Pedesa


This is both very close to Bodrum, and also far away from the hustle and bustle.  Many people live here the whole year.  The sea is very clean, and it is a real refuge for those seeking a quiet holiday.  The oldest inhabitants of the region were the Lelegians, and remains of their settlement on the hills above the bay are worth seeing, as is the Byzantine church on the shore.

 Torba Torba Torba