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            Property purchasing formalities:

Buying property is not a difficult process in Turkey. Even it has been made easier in comparison to many European countries. Turkish citizens can get title deed with their identity and photographs in 2 days.
Please press here for documents that are necessary for title deed.

            Foreigners and People who have left their Turkish Citizenships.

They can buy residences or lands by their own account; but these premises can not be close to the military zones. After they sell their properties, they can transfer their money out of the country. Title deed is only given in Turkish language. The only place which has the right to give title deed is Land Registry Office.

            Step by step procedures of property purchasing for non-Turkish Citizens:

            Buyers and sellers sign the contract that has been prepared by Estateinwest. Worth of property, payment schedules, delivery Schedule, rights of the two sides and special conditions are included in this contract. When you decide to purchase a property in Turkey, the first step yo must takeshould be opening a bank account in Turkey. As Estateinwest, we can support you. After this step, buyers give trust deed to our staff for making these processes that are written below.

-To take tax number
-To apply Land and Registry Office
-To get approval from Agean Army (It takes 2 months to get this process done)
-If is not done, to get settlement proficiency for your residence or house
-To take billing information of electric, water and telephone
-To declare for municipality and pay its taxes (look for property buying-selling expenses)
-Turnover of the deed in the name of the buyer after the the approval of the Agean Army is obtained     

As Estateinwest, we guarantee that after the buyer give deed trust, all process will be finished in less than three months.