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» Construction activities of Azure Villas have been started... 14.11.2011
Turkish financiers in London proud of economy’s achievement...

Visa-free regime with Russia begins... 15.04.2011
Turkish construction sector has 500 projects in 48 countries... 30.03.2011
Yachts of Bodrum are Popular in The World...

Underwater Photograph Competition will be in Bodrum...

General Maintenance Works Have Been Started in Artemisia Residences...

Construction activiities of Azure Villas have been started... 14.11.2011

Construction build of Azure Villas which have incomparable location in Gündoğan, Bodrum has been progressing by the end of tourism season.

60 units planned in total and  they will be ready by the beginning of summer season in 2012. Ready-mixed concrete of C blocks, that are 3 luxury villas, has been moulding for swimming-pool and ceiling. Concrete is ready for sun-terraces of common swimming-pool. Electricity and water installation are being progressed.

Azure Villas  Azure Villas

B11 block, which is next to our model villa, will be completed as a model for duplex villa and flat. Interior design of B11 block is almost finished. By the beginning of new year, these model houses will be exhibited to our clients.

Azure Villas that will have incomparable social facilities and landscape will provide professional services for homeowners.

Azure Villas

Azure Villas


Turkish financiers in London proud of economy’s achievement... 26.04.2011

Turkish financiers living in London tell Today's Zaman that they are proud of the recent growth rate the Turkish economy has achieved. The Turkish economy expanded by 8.9 percent in 2010 over the preceding year, a higher than expected figure for many.

Turkey in London

Turkey has long had a reputation for its economic instability, the devaluation of its currency and domestic political clashes. Turkish financiers working in financial institutions abroad were affected negatively by such undesired developments. Such a negative outlook, however, has started to change for the better over the past few years, with perceptions of Turkey in global markets recovering as well.

Confidence in Turkish markets has noticeably increased, particularly following its financial industry’s successful performance during a global credit crunch in 2009. The Turkish financial industry registered historic high profits while many leading financial institutions abroad went bankrupt. This being the case, Turkey’s brand value also increased thanks to efforts to eliminate visa requirements with its neighbors and branch out into surrounding markets.

Today’s Zaman spoke with three Turkish financiers in London to hear their reflections of Turkey‘s economic and political breakthrough abroad. Although still relatively young, the three hold prominent positions in their companies. They are also keen to see more foreign entrepreneurs enter Turkish markets.

Around 500 Turkish financiers work in London banks. They identify the London market as a “lion’s den” since “it is where the heart of global financing beats.” Thousands of young finance graduates from various countries look to find a job in one of the financial institutions in London every year. A good command of English and a diploma from a prominent university may not always be enough to get hired. Turkish bankers are in a relatively more advantageous position than their rivals when it comes to this tough job market simply because they learned plenty from the Turkish banking industry’s 2001 crisis.

Muhammed Taha Yeşilhark, aged 30, graduated from two business schools, one at a German university and the other at a British university. Yeşilhark has worked in some of the world’s leading financial companies.

A resident of London for the past eight years, he currently works as the fund manager of SAC Capital Advisors LLC, a $13 billion hedge fund firm. Yeşilhark says he is particularly happy to see some clichés about Turkey now changing, with more foreign investors talking positively about Turkish markets than before. “Turkey’s fast economic growth in the past five years has attracted the attention of many foreign investors. People are now aware that Turkey knows how to manage its debts and can stand on its own two feet, and I think this matters a lot.”

Feyzullah Eğriboyun works as senior researcher at the London headquarters of BNP Paribas, France’s largest bank. Having completed his Ph.D. in mathematical finance in the US, he worked in some of the leading financial institutions in New York. Eğriboyun says more Turkish expats, with their successful performance in various prominent institutions, are having their voices heard in London’s finance markets with every passing year.

“The need for financiers who know the Turkish financial markets well has also increased among banks in London since Turkey has become a center of attraction,” he says. “Turkish banks came out of the 2009 crisis with the fewest wounds in the world, while a number of leading banks in Europe suffered heavy losses. Banks in Europe are keen to learn from the experiences of Turkish bankers. … I think Turkish bankers will reach high positions in Europe’s leading financial institutions in the years to come.”

According to Muammer Çakır, the Russia and Turkey director at the London headquarters of German bank WestLB, political stability and healthy budget discipline were the major factors that led to Turkey’s economic success, and Western observers are aware of this. Making mention of his experience following Turkey’s 2001 banking crisis, Çakır says people who found Turkey incapable of dealing with problems in its economy back then today agree that the country has proven its strength and resilience against any shocks. “We are proud to hear from these people that Turkey is now a safe haven, capable of managing its own markets with a national policy.”


Visa-free regime with Russia begins... 15.04.2011

After entering visa-free period with Russia, the number of countries that will not apply visa to Turkey increases to 58.

Russia will also be added  the list of visa-free countries. Russia that applies visa to US and EU countries will start visa-free period for Turkish citizen by beginning of tomorrow.

The visa exemption agreement which was signed between Russia and Turkey  in 12 May 2010 will be started tomorrow.

There are positive expectations regarding visa-free period between two counties that would trigger to business trade, construction activities and tourism.

The trade volume between Russia and Turkey, which was 26.2 billion dollars, is expected to peak around 40 billion dollars within one year. Turkey is the 5 th country regarding export of Russia and 11 th in terms of import of Russia.


By the beginning of this regime, the number of Russian tourist is expected to increase 4 million and Turkish citizens who will visit to Russia 500.000.

Accordingly, the citizens of both nations will be allowed 30 days of visa-free travel within a 90 day period.


With addition of Russia, number of countries that will not apply visa to Turkey increases to 58. By self-governing territory, this number goes to 64.

Visa-free countries to Turkey: ‘’ Antigua, Barbuda, Argentina, Albania, Bahamas, Barbados, Belize, Bolivia, Bosnia Herzegovina, Brazil, Ecuador, El Salvador, Fas, Fiji, Philippines, Guatemala, Georgia, Haiti, Croatia, Honduras, Iran, Jamaika, Japan, Karadag, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, North Cyprus, Colombia, South Korea, Kosovo, Costa Rica, Libya, Lebanon, Macedonia, Maldivs, Malaysia, Mauritus, Nicaragua, Palau Republic, Paraguay, St. Lucia, St. Vincent-Grenadines, Serbia, Singapore, Solomon Islands, Sri Lanka, Syria, Svaziland, Chile, Thailand, Trinad-Tobago, Tunusia, Tuvalu, Uruguay, Jordan, Venezuela, Yemen’’

Source: ntvmsnbc

Turkish construction sector has 500 projects in 48 countries... 30.03.2011

İZMİR - Anatolia News Agency

The Turkish construction sector undertook around 500 projects worth more than $20 billion in 48 countries last year, according to data from the İzmir Chamber of Commerce, or İZTO.

The success achieved by the construction and building products sector, the driving industry of the Turkish economy, is incontrovertible, said Akın Kazançoğlu, deputy board chairman of the İZTO, speaking to the Anatolia news agency. “The construction sector will continue to grow rapidly both in the domestic market and fast-growing nearby countries.

“In the last 30 years, the construction sector has undertaken nearly 6,000 projects worth around $200 billion in 89 countries,” Kazançoğlu said. “Only last year, this figure was more than 500 projects worth of $20 billion in 48 countries. Turkmenistan, Libya, Iraq and Russia are the leading countries.

“The sector, which has succeeded in the African and Asian markets and Russia in recent years, will develop more under the leadership of the Turkish government. Barter agreements to pave the way for Turkish builders to have business in African countries should be signed,” Kazançoğlu said.

“To develop the construction sector and increase the competitive power, tax burdens should be reduced, new financial instruments should be put into effect and high energy costs should be dropped.”

More than 200,000 companies are active in the Turkish construction sector. “The sector, which leads employment opportunities, constitutes nearly 6 percent of Turkey’s gross domestic product,” Kazançoğlu said.

The number of registered employees in the sector is 1.5 million, Kazançoğlu said. “However, with architects, engineers, construction product manufacturers, distributors and sellers, this figure reaches 3 million and constitutes 35 percent of the total GDP.”

Turkey has improved to eighth from 21st in world construction products exports in the last 10 years, boosting its share to 3 percent, he said. “Fully 23 percent of this figure is exported to Middle Eastern countries, 22 percent of it to European countries and 16 percent of it is to Turkey’s neighboring countries.”

Even though Turkey uses some of the most expensive energy, it ranks seventh in world cement production, fifth in natural stone and marble production and 10th in iron and steel.

By developing its information technology infrastructure, Turkey will target becoming technology-focused, instead of production-focused, Kazançoğlu said, adding that Turkey should overcome its difficulties by increasing its research and development and innovation competence


Yachts of Bodrum are Popular in The World... 08.03.2011

According to The Yacht Report, they are among the world’s top 10 yacht.

50 meter long ‘Galileo’ and 57 meter long ‘Montigne’ that are the yachts constructed in shipyards in Bodrum to be pointed out among the world’s top 10 yachts according to The Yacht Report which is highly regarded  magazine in yachting sector.

Bodrum Yacht Bodrum Yacht

According to The Yacht Report, sailing yachts over 45 meters between manufacturers Aegean Yachting Tourism Co. that constructed ‘Galileo’ and ‘Montigne’ figured out 7th in ranking. So many compliments took place regarding these two yachts in the magazine.

Sinan Özer who is the director of Aegean Yachting Tourism Co. said that they were proud of being leading corporation among yacht construction in the world and also added ‘’We will begin the construction process of 70 meter long yacht that belongs to Russian businessman will cost 15 million Euros at the end of this year.’’

Bodrum Yacht Bodrum Yacht


Underwater Photograph Competition will be in Bodrum... 28.02.2011

Bodrum will be homeowner of championship competition of underwater photograph that will be arranged 13. times .
Chairman of Turkey underwater sports federation name is Soner Yarkın gave a speech considering championship preparation:


‘’Underwater photograph world championship will be in Bodrum between 26-31 May. 25 countries have applied till now. Applications have continued. It will be such a big organization. Photographs will be assessed by 7 jury members.’’

Yarkın said that Turkey would join to championship with 2 teams also added ‘’We are so assertive in this championship. In this division, we have many degrees on behalf of Turkey.’’

Advertisement of this organization, that will make big effect over Turkey, have been continued.

Source:Kent Haber

General Maintenance Works Have Been Started in Artemisia Residences... 02.02.2011

General maintenance works have been started in Artemisia Residences that have been all located in Bodrum city center as well as in the natural environment. New road which has been constructed in front of the new site near  Artemisia apartments will directly connect to the project.

Security and technical staffs have begun works that includes such as painting of fenders and maintenance of pergola. To prevent effect of extensive rainfall and stiff breeze during winter being taken some measure. Because of rocky and slope surface, there is not rain water on the surface. Artemisia residences that  have natural flora as well as pine trees which offer you full oxygen such as mountain home.

Artemisia Park Residence  Artemisia Park Residence

Artemisia residences take couple of minutes from central of Bodrum, have two different roads to reach this project. As a result of this you can easily reach from two different ways to Artemisia. It is also used stones that belongs to surface of project for making wall which near the new road.

Artemisia Park Residence