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Property Buying-Selling Expenses

                In contrast to most of the European Countries, the Land Registry Office is responsible for the transaction instead of the Notary. During the time of transactions, it is a legal must for the buyer and the seller to attend to the office. If necessary, with a signed deed of trust, this necessity can be given to 3rd parties. After the turnover, you receive your title deed.
            Deed of trust costs: about 45 TL
            Title of Deed sales tax: 4% of the total sum that is given to the land registry office is paid. (2% seller, 2% buyer) This amount is put into a state bank. For this transaction, a Minimum Value paper is obtained from the municipality. Any value lower than the value of the municipality is inacceptable. If done, a tax penalty will be paid afterwards.
            Title Deed transaction expenses: 135 TL(2010)
            Personal Abode: Only given for new buildings. Around 600 TL, changing depending on the location and the size of the property.
            Real-estate agency commission: Agencies receive 3% of the total sum from the seller and the buyer.
            Lawyer Expenses: If you acquire a lawyer you can pay %1 of the total sum to reduce your risk in any legal activity.
            Permanent Expenses:
            Property-tax: %0.1 of the value of your property defined by the municipality.
            Insurance: This value would be between 150 TL and 250 TL. You can be further informed in our insurance related page.
            Real-estate management: Estateinwest Bodrum presents you a management for your real-estates. You can contact us for more information.
            Electricity subscription: The gauge is 200 TL(one time buy, can be returned), opening a new account is 80 TL and 1 kW/h is charged 20 cents.
            Water subscription: The water gauge is 280 TL(one time buy, can be returned), opening a new account is 80 TL and 1 m3 is charged 20 cents.
            Telephone subscription: Opening a new account is 15 TL and 1 minute costs 60 cents. .