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Property for sale in Konacik
2+1, 3+1 apartments.
All completed, with fully fitted kitchen.




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"A Blue-Green Love in Konacik"

A new unused life is beginning in Bodrum; an address of peace and comfort…

Konacik Homes offer you a peaceful, comfortable and excellent living space by prioritising life quality with the idea of quality based on customer and first human at the period of design till producing by assurance.

An unused living culture ends your hunger for green and blue with its social facility, swimming pool and sport complexes and makes you happy for being a part of is beginning with the designs and works of  expert engineers and architects, in the town of Bodrum named Konacık which has been a centre of civilizations and cultures throughout history.

Lead a life of pleasure with the specific architecture of Bodrum and an excellent gift of nature that hugs your living space in the buildings made with modern concept.

‘’The Lord of Infinity, Blue, is receiving Green’s naive soul with open arms…’’

When the House of Konacik Homes which is nested with nature and overlooking the sea offers you a healthy and clean environment, it commits a living space that you can take a holiday and also live during season.

There are two flat options as 2+1 and 3+1 in the site which 56 unique houses take place  in. An inimitable concept of meeting your needs by site management which is thought blow by blow is waiting for you.
Landscaping decorated with regional Bodrum plants and water in the specially projected 5000 sqm. Garden of Konacik Homes is cuddling up with the blue of Aegean, hot sun and green. Konacik Homes are waiting for  their stars bring them life to among all these beauties.


Konacik Homes are life style that you feel as special…

When you enjoy with modern buildings made as suitable with the nature, you feel the joy of being nested with the nature.

The living spaces prepared by expert architects include local architectural lines and also modern architectural concepts. Konacik Homes have been designed with the specific architecture of that modern technology and local material are used with and that is respectful to nature, authentic, modern.  The units of Konacik Homes which are prepared with the best material and handworks of expert workers are wide and comfortable.

For floor covering of saloon and kitchen, 60*60 granite and for rooms laminated parquet are used. Walls are painted with silicone house-paint by isolating. There are air conditioners in saloon and bedroom. Kitchen is adorned with wooden cupboards that are specially projected and fixed white appliances. Bathroom is decorated with Hilton type washbasin, 20*40 tiles on walls, granite seramics by water sealing on floor covering, shower cabin, hanging toilet bowl, built in reservoir, luxury armatures, bath heater hidden in closed cupboard for warm water, ceiling floor and spotlights. Windows are PVC, interior doors are solid-work and external doors are steel. There is a wooden hall stand in hall. The site has 150 ton-water reservoir.

For moving instantly, there are cable TV and Digiturk in rooms and telephone, internet, exchange in saloon and rooms.

The active sides that is a symbol magnifecence add richness to your living spaces with the colours of white cream, natural stone and wooden. When the warm of wooden that is used fort he facade is integrating the balconies, naturel Stones that used in the facades are bridging between past and future. Almost all houses placed in site overlook sea and don’t close other’s view. Day light details and ergonomics are thought blow by blow in the houses of Konacik Homes that are placed among pinewoods and olive trees and decorated with palms and stays green in summer and winter. It is at the centre of town and also you feel silence in other words, everything that you look for is waiting for you.


Konacik Homes are close to Bodrum Peninsula which has 5000 years old historical background according to archeological researches and does the honours to lots of civilizations, is nested with nature and also its very close to centre.

Konacik Homes which you begin the day with bird calls in is short of 100 m to markets in the centre of Konacık and bus station, 2 km to supermarket, 3,5 km to centre of town, 2,5 km to Gümbet and Bitez beaches, 1,5 km to hospital and 38 km to international Bodrum Airport.

Konacık Town which the houses of Konacik Homes are built in is continuation of Bodrum Housing physically and the housing place is short of 3,5 km to the centre of Bodrum. Bodrum is at the east, Bitez and Gümbet at the South side, Ortakent at the west side and Türkbükü at the north side of it.


Social Life

Add value to your life with your family…

Get the utmost enjoyment out of the sun of Bodrum as you are sitting your balcony with flowering garden that sees the Kos Island from one side and olive trees and pinewoods other side. You can go for fitness, play tennis or basketball, swim in the pool and enjoying with your garden in your living space that you feel safe any time with its private security service.

Cleaning and technical maintenance service, landcscaping are provided for your pleasure for twenty four hours a day. Door control unite with extension board is used in site. The small business like market, pharmacy, cafe, etc… are thought in the out of site for making life easier. There is one private car park place for every house in the site.

Konacik Homes are an exclusive living space that you can spend your time with your family with its social life, sport arenas, environment arrangements.

A social life is waiting for you in the history of 5000 years old place for adding value to your life and investing with its olive trees and pinewoods.

What is waiting for you in Konacik Homes?

Outdoor swimming pool (suitable for the standards of ISO and TSE and with filter system)
Paddling pool (suitable for the standards of ISO and TSE and with fitler system)
Pool-side bar&cafeteria
Cafeteria (in the sport arena and recreation place)
Tennis court
Basketball court
Mini-football field
Yoga and pilates saloon
Stream bath
Finnish stream bath
Massage room
Walking track
Recreation places

property for sale in konacik bodrum

apartments for sale in konacik bodrum

2+1 Apartments for sale in Konacik

Health, happiness and life in your dreams are waiting for you…

Konacik homes are magical place with every curl of their stones, the whisper of wind cruising among the trees, the smell of flowers dangling from balconies and their excellent view. Host your guests in distinguished way in your house that is at olive-trees’ elbow with the architecture that is suitable for nature.

My Beverly Homes

My Beverly Homes

An epic wizard of your modern life…

The houses of Konacik Homes which is one of the most beautiful hugging of Aegean’s specific vegetation cover and Bodrum Architecture commit you an excellent experience full of new life, holiday, peace, silence, comfort, aesthetic, joy, healthy, naturalism.

Konacik Homes are designed to the last eartquake bylaws, the laws of T.S 500 buildings designs and produced with the high quality of technical materials.

The houses that produced with no mistake in its every step is certificated with TSE and assurance document and its built by high quality of steel.

On the sides of the houses that built with the systems of base slab and bundling and sealing, natural Stones are used and brick walls are painted with silicone house-paint by isolating. Three layers sealing and isolating are used for roofs. Granite ceramic is used by sealing for designing gazebos. Solid wood and alla-turca tile lining are used for covering.

My Beverly Homes



3+1 Apartments for sale in Konacik
My Beverly Homes

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