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Property News  

» The Highest Building in Europe Istanbul Sapphire is Opening Its Door... 07.03.2011
Homes that belongs to Greece will sell in Turkey!
Real Estate Market will be good in 2011...
» Foreigners’ attention regarding Bodrum soared... 03.02.2011
The limitation is coming up loan of residential estate...

The Highest Building in Europe Istanbul Sapphire is Opening Its Door 07.03.2011

With the height of 236 meter İstanbul Sapphire that is the highest building in Turkey and Europe opening its doors. Watching terrace, Sapphire shopping center and residence which are formed to İstanbul Sapphire will place one of the icon of city.

Kiler Group which constructed to this building put 250 million dollars into this investment. Nahit Kiler who is the chairman of Kiler Group told the importance of this project and also added: ‘’On behalf of Kiler Group, our aim was to create a project that will be milestone in property sector. Our object is to create a project that will be suitable for developing Turkey and at the same time we just wanted to develop one of icon of İstanbul and our country.’’

Recent hill of İstanbul

With the antenna height of 261 meter, İstanbul Sapphire which is the highest building in Turkey and Europe has also watching terrace, which placed in 236 meter,  that is original for Turkey.  Nahit Kiler told ‘’After major cities of the world such as New York, Paris, Tokyo and Dubai, we are proud of developing Watching Terrace for İstanbul and Turkey. The Watching Terrace offers its visitors to see two continents, two sea and bridges at the same time, as well as watching historical buildings. Watching Terrace will be one of hotspots for 8 million foreigners who visit İstanbul even getting our citizens’ attention.’’

Istanbul Sapphire

Recent traditional shopping center

Avi Alkaş who is the chairman of Jones Lang LaSalle of Turkey give some information considering Sapphire Shopping Center. He said that there were 130 shops in the Shopping Center. He also added ‘’Sapphire Shopping Center will be a kind of attraction point that offers visitors so many alternatives. Sapphire Shopping Center which placed 46 thousands sqm waits for 15 million visitors per annum.’’

About Sapphire;

    • The world’s 97th tallest building
    • It is the highest building in Turkey and Europe
    • 165 thousands sqm construction area
    • 46 thousands sqm shopping center
    • 261 meter height
    • Watching terrace at 236 meter
    • Garden pleasure at 200 meter
    • Golf at 163 meter
    • 66 floor


Homes that belongs to Greece will sell in Turkey! 16.02.2011


Mansions in Rhodos Island, villas in Mikanos Island, residences in central of Greece will be sold.

CNR Estate and Investment Fair will be opened between 16-20 February 2011. Satori Real Estate firm which will join this fair from Greece is going to present luxury properties in Greece Islands during this fair.

Satori Real Estate firm will put villas in Rhodos Island, mansions, 14 villas in Mikanos Island and also lands, residences for new consruction projects in Greece for sale. Many visitors are being waited for Russia and Middle East countries as well as investors from Greece.

Source: Habertürk

Real Estate Market will be good in 2011 11.02.2011

According to report ‘’Developments of Turkish Property Market 2010 and Preview of 2011’’ prepared by Jones Lang LaSalle, Turkey is one of the countries that demonstrated big development among OECD countries in 2010 and anticipated same effect as well as for 2011.

3 main view came out from this report. Firstly retail expenses and customer confidence came back to before the crisis level, whilst retailer demand speeds up in 2010 ;but effect of rent ratio was limited, however level of retailer markets’ rent ratio will be high up. Another view that took place in this report is there was an increase office market  usage in 2010 and this will make an effect over rental fees in 2011. The last thing that placed in the report is 2011 will be a good year considering investment market by the gowing demand of investors.

Retail Sector Came Back to Before Crisis Level

According to the report, because of big increase of retailer expenses, 2010 passed positive for retailers. Revenue increase was %7 in 2010. By following up stronger investment policy considering retail, strong retailer demand rose up.

In respect of specialists, powerful retail expenses and economic growth has not made effect over rent ratios.

Source: Hürriyet

Foreigners’ attention regarding Bodrum soared 03.02.2011

One of Boroughes of Muğla name is Bodrum and particulary Yalıkavak municipality have become holiday and investment heaven for princes, kings and sheiks for 10 years.

Prince of Saudi Arabia name is Abdülaziz Bin Muhammet Bin Faad Bin Al Saud, Prince of Kuwait name is Sheikh Sabah El Ahmet El Cabir El Sabah and Prince of Jordan name is El Hassan are some of famous names who have land and villa in Bodrum Peninsula. ‘Platinum’ which is the magazine pressed in Saudi Arabia, who belongs to Royal Family, gave 4 pages place regarding compliments of Bodrum. It told beauty of Bodrum and also cited big investments of famous people all around the world to this Peninsula.

Mayor of Yalıkavak name is Mustafa Saruhan said that, investments of monarch, prince and sheikh of middle east countries have put into over 500 million euros for 10 years. Mayor Saruhan also said that, diplomats from middle east countries, who have senior position, have their lands in Bodrum and have spent their holiday with families in their luxury yachts in Bodrum marina.

Who Have Villa in Bodrum Peninsula ?

Prince of Saudi Arabia name is Abdülaziz Bin Muhammet Bin Faad Bin Al Saud, Princess Abeer Al Saud who is from Saudi Arabia, the president of security council of Saudi Arabia name is prince Bandar Bin Sultan Bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud, monarch of Kuwait Sheikh Sabah El Ahmet El Cabir El Sabah and his brother Prince Nasser Sabah El Ahmet El Jaber El Sabah, foreign minister of Kuwait name is Sheikh Muhammed Sabah El Salim, prince of Jordan name is El Hassan and Ali Bin Nayef have lands and villas in Yalıkavak. Osman Selahaddin Osmanoğlu who is the Grand son of Ottoman family has also a villa in Yalıkavak.

Source: Milliyet

The limitation is coming up loan of residential estate 02.02.2011

By the beginning of 1 January 2011, banks will offer maximum loan as %75 of  house’s value.

Based on writing statement of BDDK, which is the top organization to investigate regarding condition of banks in Turkey, effective risk management for banks, their risk carrying level and depending on risk taking capacity sould be balanced with guarantee level and capacity that is against their loan.

The correlation between loan and guarantee level is known ‘’Loan to Value LTV’’ in international finance literature and in Turkey this ratio known (KTO), in this respect, decision has been made according to act of banks.

Considering this statement,

‘’Credit that is used for buying residential estate must not be over %75 of house’s value, for commercial credit this ratio not to be over %50 and these ratios will be valued by valuation firms that being authorized by BDDK or Capital Market Committie.’’

Source: Ntvmsnbc