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The Papers Necessary for the Title Deed

                Seller                                                                     Buyer
1 Picture                                                                            2 Pictures
Identification and its photocopy                                            Identification and its photocopy
Tax Number                                                                       Tax Number
TC number
Title Deed photocopy
The Value taken from municipality
Photocopy of earthquake insurance papers (for houses)

                If you apply the Land Regitry Offices prepared (along the the information required and the papers mentioned above), it would quicken your transaction. The processes and methods are as follows:

-You should apply the Land Registry Offices either yourself or with someone that you given full responsibility with a deed of trust.
-Because of the legal requirements, as no other documentations is accepted except the identification or a passport, one of them should be presented to the Office.
-It is a must to participate to the transaction with two witnesses if illiterate, two witnesses and a certified interpreter if deaf or non-Turkish.
-The trust deeds should have a picture and a notary approval.
-You must read all the documentation in Land Registry Office. If you hesitate on a subject, you may ask for help of a personnal working in the Office.
-If one of the sides is a company bound by Turkish Trading Law, the applications should be made with the proper documentation taken from the authorities with necessary signature and approvals.
-In all processes, present the tax number and TC identification number. If a company is present, the tax number of the company with the TC identification number of the person attending the transactions should be given.
-If a turnover of the real-estate is considered, one picure of the owner, two pictures of the overtaker should be presented with a size of 6x4 cms taken in the last 6 months. If another person is attending to the transactions, same procedure applies with a trust deed.
-If the property is a house or a dwelling area on top of another place namely a shop, mandatory earthquake insurance (DASK) must be made, and the documentation of payment should be presented.